Never miss target with AimBot
Lock on your opponent and shoot!
Aimbot, locks your crosshair on your opponent as long as you hold the ALT key in the game of CS:GO.
When you release the ALT key, the locking ends.

What is AimBot

AimBot - CS:GO Aim Hack with its shortest definition, is the feature of CSPrimo aiming for you. It works in the same way as the locking mechanism in airplanes. Aimbot targeting system does not affect the memory of the game, works externally and makes it safe in VAC.

How AimBot works?

CSPrimo's special Aimbot, unlike other cheats, does not activate itself. You have to hold the ALT key when you want it to be activated. As long as you hold the ALT key, it will automatically lock on the enemy that comes to your crosshair. If your opponent passes in front of you while you are looking at an empty area with the ALT key pressed, CSGO Aimhack will automatically lock to the opponent. Likewise, AimBot will lock when you press while your opponent is at your crosshair.
AimBot automatically stops locking when your locked opponent dead. If you are still holding the ALT key at this time, it will lock onto the first opponent that comes to your crosshair.
CSPrimo AimBot can be integrated with Wallhack. When you lock on an opponent with AimBot, even if your opponent is behind the wall, they will remain locked until you release the ALT key or your opponent dies.

Which feature can CSGO AimBot be used with?

AimBot works in harmony with all features. It is recommended to use Aimbot feature with WallHack, TriggerBot and No Recoil CSPrimo TriggerBot will shoot automatically as soon as your opponent enters your crosshair area. At the same time, if you have activated the No Recoil feature, your possibility of miss shooting is completely eliminated.

CSGO Aim Hack

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