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Difference between External Hack and Internal Hack

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What is CS:GO VAC BAN?

CS:GO VAC (Valve Anti Cheat) system is Valve's cheat blocking system for games. VAC BAN occurs when the security system of the CS:GO game technically detects that you are cheating and then blocks your account. CSGO has the authority to scan its own files instantly and without your permission. In these files; If VAC finds a file that shouldn't have been, or a document that has changed, you'll get a VAC BAN.

What is the CS:GO internal cheat?

Internal Cheats allows you to cheat by injecting a DLL file into the target game (CSGO game) and modifying its existing files. Since it work in-game, it work around 2%-3% better. But; this rate is not huge enough to be felt by the user. And when you examine user comments, you can see that many of the features are not working stable. Likewise; troublesome to install and run.

When you consider the working principle of the Valve security system and the working logic of the internal cheat, It is inevitable that you will get a VAC ban.

What is the CS:GO External cheat?

External Cheats do not inject dll or modify any files on the target game (CSGO game). It has no differences from other software running on your computer (Spotify,Google Chrome, Calculator...). In this way, it offers you a safe cheating experience. For example; Internal cheats use the in-game "shoot" function while shooting in the game. External cheat use the "Mouse Click" function in Windows. So you are the shooter, not the cheat.

An External Cheat; It is technically, logical and legally impossible to detect Valve by the current security system (VAC). The most advanced and updated CS:GO External Cheat is CSPrimo. It also offers you the Google Chrome Based Cheat with CSPrimo Xtreme Version.

CSPrimo External Cheat is completely coded by the CSPrimo software team and it is constantly developed and updated.

Why Should i choose CSPrimo?

  • The most advanced and updated CS:GO External Cheat is CSPrimo. In this way, it provides you REAL VAC-BAN protection.
  • Unlike other cheat firms, we do not force you to use a harmful software after you pay. We do not pretend to have features that don't work or don't exist in the cheat. Before your purchase, you can download our software and make your scanning and tests easily, it is completely free. There is not a single harmful file or code in our software.
  • Free Trial is automatically added for all new users so that you can test the CSPrimo quality.
  • CSPrimo prioritizes providing 100% Customer Satisfaction. You can contact us 24/7 via our Support system or Discord server. We perform our live support service on a public discord server. You can join us and chat and play games with thousands of CSPrimo users.
What happens when the game is updated?

Nothing is noticeable to you. You can continue your game from where you left off without VAC BAN risk.

With our advanced artificial intelligence system, the cheat is automatically updated immediately after the game is updated.

Does External Cheat provide OverWatch Ban Protection?

The answer to this question is "NO" for all cheats. The Overwatch system works with user feedback. If too many players report you in the game and the Overwatch investigators classify you as cheating, you will get an Overwatch ban. The only way to prevent this is to play carefully. If you see a firm claiming to provide 100% Overwatch ban protection, run away :)

CSPrimo External Cheat vs Internal Cheat What is the Difference?

To summarize briefly;
  • Protection : With a very simple logic;
    Does CSGO have the authority to scan its own files? YES
    Does CSGO impose a VAC ban if it finds different or extra files in its files? YES
    Does internal Cheat add DLL inside CSGO files? YES
    Does External Cheat interfere with game files? NO
    Does External Cheat add DLL inside CSGO files? NO
    Which is safe? Of course CSPrimo External Cheat !
  • Performance : Internal cheats work 2-3% better than External cheats. This is true. But; this difference is not high enough to be felt by the user. It does not affect the game or computer performance. It is not possible to experience FPS drop in external cheats.
  • Ease of Use : External Hack; it does not interrupt your game. thanks to hassle-free structure it is enough to download and run it. No additional setup. Customer satisfaction is provided with its easy to use, simple interface and artificial intelligence legit settings.
  • Originality : CSPrimo CSGO Hack External; It is completely coded by the CSPrimo team.
  • CS:GO Free Cheat : If you want to try CSPrimo software before purchasing, your free trial will be automatically added.
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