CSPrimo, is a special manipulation software prepared for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game that provides great advantages to its user over its opponent.

Cheats are designed to manipulate the game Internal or External.

Internal CS:GO Cheats, manipulate the game by injecting a DLL file into the target software (CS:GO). Although there is a performance advantage of 2% - 3% compared to external cheats, it can be easily detected by the software's security units (VAC, Steam, Valve etc.) and the probability of encountering situations such as banning of the account is very high. internal hacking actually interfaces with the code of the game while the game is running and changes the variables. While the internal cheats may offer more features, the possibility of being caught or banned from the game is almost certain.

External CS:GO Cheats, doesn't inject any files into the target game (CS:GO).What this means is that no in game variables or files are being changed. it simply change data that is stored in your own computer’s memory. It is very difficult or even impossible to detect "software" by security units. It has no different from other software running on your computer (like Google Chrome, Discod, Spotify, FireFox...).

For more information : CSGO External Cheat and internal cheats differences

Fps drop is unlikely because CSPrimo is an external cheat.

VAC system technically analyzes the interventions made to the game you are using, and ultimately it is a situation where your account is VAC-banned when it detects that you are using cheating software. For more easly understandable, CSGO has the authority to scan its game's files without your permission. Your account will be banned if VAC system detects a different file in game files or changes to existing files This is the case mentioned above 99.9% true for Internal Cheats. Detecting External cheats is impossible according to Internal cheats.

Every Internal cheat has VAC-Ban risk but for External Cheats, this risk is completely zero.

The Overwatch-Ban process starts when other users find you suspicious and complain. When you are suspicious, your actions in the game are recorded, You will be analyzed by one or more people with Overwatch investigator authority. If you are found guilty as a result of the analysis, Overwatch ban is applied.

Especially, it occurs due to situations such as the cheating user clearly watching behind the wall, shooting all shots with a headshot, hitting a player who has never been able to see it behind the door. These possibilities apply to everyone and the use of cheating is entirely at your own risk.

The type of ban called Overwatch-Ban, as explained in the previous title, is the result of the abnormal behavior of the cheat user in the game. any cheats cannot prevent this situation, as it is not related to cheating software.

Even though there are some cheat firms that say it provides 100% Overwatch ban protection, it doesn't reflect the truth. Overwatch bans are still possible. There is no cheat in the world that can bypass overwatch.

  1. There is no such thing as Overwatch protection in any cheat, it cannot be done. Unless you play with bots, nobody can stop other users from complaining about you.
  2. There is no such thing as an account guarantee in any cheat. If you look at the terms of use of these cheats, it is written that they give an account guarantee IF YOU ONLY PLAY WITH BOTS. With the cheat you have bought in this way, your account that you have ranked with a great difficulty will be blocked at once and you cannot claim any rights because you accept the terms of use before you use the cheat.
  3. CSRapid software also does not give any guarantee about Overwatch-Ban, as no fraud protection or guarantee is possible for the reasons described in articles 1 and 2. Since we do not have any protection system that will prevent the abnormal actions of the cheat user, the entire risk of using the cheat belongs to the user of the cheat.

The free trial is automatically added for all new users. In this way, you can test the cheat comfortably. After registering on our website, you can start your test by download and running the cheat.

Immediately after purchase, the entire system is fully automatic. If you have any questions, you can reach us 24/7 from our Support system.

You can use the cheat with as many accounts as you want. The only restriction on this matter is the number of computers. For detailed information on this topic, read the answer to the next question.

Once you log in to the cheat with your username and password, the ID numbers unique to your computer are saved in our database. That way, you cannot access cheat on a different computer with the same username. In such a case, you can reset your license free of charge as much as the number of license reset in the package you purchased.

CSPrimo software runs hassle-free on Windows 8 and 10 operating systems.