Never miss a target with the TriggerBot
Let CSPrimo shoot for you!
TriggerBot, is a helper that automatically shoots when your opponent comes to your crosshair in CS:GO.
All you have to do is keep the mouse on your opponent or lock with AimBot.

What is TriggerBot

TriggerBot - CS:GO Aim Hack with its shortest definition, is the feature of CSRapid to shoot for you. As soon as your opponent comes your crosshair, CSRapid shoots for you. You can use it with or without a different feature such as AimBot. As long as your opponent is at your target, it will shoot. Detailed advanced settings are available.

How is TriggerBot combined?

The easiest use of TriggerBot is when it is run in conjunction with other features. For example; when WallHack is on, you predict when the enemy behind the wall will enter your crosshair. With AimBot, you are locked as soon as it enters your crosshair. When auto fire with TriggerBot by preventing the recoil with No Recoil, your opponent doesn't have much of a chance.
TriggerBot offers you many detailed settings for shooting. You can make these adjustments according to yourself and your playing style.

What is the difference of CSPrimo TriggerBot?

As you know, CSRapid TriggerBot works without injecting any DLL files into the CS:GO game thanks to the External Cheat method. Other cheats use the "Shoot" function in the game, while CSRapid uses the "mouse click" function in Windows. In this way, you are actually shooting, not the cheat, and your VAC-Ban probability is reduced to zero.

Which feature can TriggerBot be used with?

It is recommended to use TriggerBot feature with WallHack, AimBot and No Recoil. CSRapid TriggerBot will fire automatically as soon as your opponent enters your crosshair area. At the same time, if you have activated the No Recoil feature, your possibility of missing is completely eliminated.

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