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100% VAC Ban Protection with CSPrimo External Hack !
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External Cheat

No cheats can provide OverWatch ban protection. VAC-ban risk is reduced to zero by intervening without adding DLLs to the game !

Legit Settings

Our priority with CSPrimo External Hack is protection ! Safe and easy to use with artificial intelligence legit flexible settings. Reliable Cheating Experience !

Original Software

As your cheat is fully coded by the CSPrimo team, it is constantly developed and automatically updated.


Add your style to the look of your weapons. Close to 1000 options in CSPrimo Skin Changer.
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You will dominate behind the walls ! Your enemies won't be able to hide from you.
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Lock on your opponent ! They have no place to run !
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Your opponents can not escape from your bullets !
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Sound Systems

Sound ESP & Hit Sound provides useful information to play legit!
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The features mentioned here are highlights only. Many different features and options are waiting for you behind the simple interface of CSPrimo !

100% Undetected CS:GO Cheat

What is CSPrimo ?

CSPrimo is special software that includes features that allow you to overcome your opponents by affecting the CS:GO game with External Hack. We trust our software very much; We are giving you free CSGO Cheat trial duration. Also, our download links are not hidden for you to test it easily !

What is External Hack?

Cheats are divided into External Cheats and Internal Cheats. External vs Internal Cheats:
Internal Cheats They manipulate the game by adding a DLL file to the CS:GO game files and so they are easily detected by VAC system. Although they provide a little performance advantage, it will not take long to result in the loss of an account whose rank has been increased by a lot of effort.
External Cheats it is done without uploading any files to the internal structure of the game files. In this way, our cheat is evaluated in the same way as any other software running on your computer that has nothing to do with the CS:GO game and is almost impossible to detect. It works with 2-5% less performance than internal cheats, but this amount is not even noticed by the user. CSPrimo Software is an external cheat, it allows you to Cheat safely. Thus zeroes your VAC-Ban risk.
CS GO Cheat

So What is The Ban Risk of External Cheat CSPrimo ?

CS:GO game is not authorized to scan other than its own files. External cheats don't add files to the game and modify existing files. for example; Other cheats use the "Shoot" function in the game, while CSPrimo uses the "mouse click" function in Windows. In this way, you are actually shooting, not the cheat. As you can see, your VAC-Ban probability is reduced to zero. Click Here for more information.
The external cheat works indistinguishable from applications like Opera, Chrome, Spotify running on your computer, thus offering you a true VAC-BAN protection.
CSGO Cheat

CSPrimo Features

CSPrimo CS GO Cheat has been prepared with only the features you need, game pleasure, security and ease of use in mind. Although some cheats make the number of features appear too much by specifying the settings as additional features, we have listed the general content of the cheat in this list.
WallHack : When your enemies and/or teammates are closer than a certain distance, they start glow behind the walls and show you their location. Detailed settings are available.
Auto Fire (TriggerBot) : It will shoot automatically when you move your mouse over your opponent. Can be used with aimbot. Detailed settings are available.
Aim Assistant (AimBot) : When you move your mouse over your enemy, you will automatically aim towards a desired area of the body. You can completely lock on your opponent by holding ALT key. You can make detailed settings for which area of ​​the opponent to aim. Legit usage available with seamless aim. It can be used with triggerbot.
Recoil Control (NoRecoil) : As you know, many weapons in the CSGO game make it difficult to shoot the enemy with recoil in rapid fire. This feature makes the recoil of weapons ineffective. Detailed settings are available.
Bhop (Bunny Hop) : Your character will constantly jump as long as you hold the SPACE key. In this way you can move faster.
Skin Changer : With Skin Changer, how your weapons will look is up to you.
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